"They did a great job of organizing it. They've done many QuickBooks conversions, so they know how to handle them."

- Guy Barbaro, Current's Vice President of Finance and Accounting




Who Is The AIS Group?

We are an information technology consulting firm focused on providing the best Accounting, Finance, and CRM solutions to membership organizations and associations as well as emerging small and medium sized businesses.

Founded over 15 years ago by accounting professionals with a comprehensive background in information systems, our staff delivers the functional experience to successfully implement enterprise-wide solutions and the technical expertise to integrate systems within your existing environment.

To accomplish this, we work with you to understand your business needs and tailor a solution that helps you realize your vision of growth.

AIS's commitment doesn't end there, it extends far beyond the initial project. Our dedicated professional account and support staff are available to train your people, answer your questions, solve unanticipated problems and foresee your future business needs. We are here to help you.

We offer industry leading software for:

  • Financials
  • Supply Chain & Distribution
  • Project Administration
  • E-Commerce payment processing
  • Customer Relationship Management for businesses poised for growth
  • Cloud solutions for business activity on the move

Who We Are?

Each member of our team has an extensive business background, years of product experience, and a commitment to delivering value, quality and customer satisfaction every day. For more information on the Executive team, click below.

Executive Team


What We've Done?

The AIS Group is experienced in working with all levels of users in many industries and markets. We have a core team that specializes in implementing solutions for business sectors such as Financial Services, Professional Services, and Information Technology.


How We Do It Better?

To assure complete client satisfaction, we charge a flat fee for many of our services. These fees are fixed and guaranteed. We have found that a flat fee fosters closer collaboration with our customers, establishes trust, and assures efficiency and quality.